Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Beautiful weddings deserve a beautiful ceremony. No couple wants to spend thousands of dollars on a place, decorations, cakes, clothes and food and then have a poorly prepared ceremony. You want this cherished moment to be beautiful, elegant and memorable and I would be honored to be a part in making that happen for you.

Special and Unique

Every wedding ceremony is unique. I have attended and performed hundreds of weddings and they all have been special and different. There are no generic ceremonies just as there are no generic people. Each person is unique and individual and so should each wedding ceremony.   I would very much enjoy working with you to help make your wedding ceremony the one that expresses your heartfelt love for each other.


Whether you desire a ceremony that is traditional, contemporary, serious, lighthearted, religious, civil, private, public, brief or involved…I will work with you to help make your wedding ceremony a cherished moment that you will remember for a lifetime.

Get to Know Me

It may appear that the only difference between one wedding officiant and another is their location and prices.  While these are important considerations, the personality and chemistry of the officiant is just as important.  That is why I don't charge for my initial "Get to Know Me" meeting.  It is only fair that you should have the same opportunity to meet me before you make your decision, just as you did with all the other important elements of your wedding planning.

About Me

Daniel Deghi
My name is Daniel Deghi and I am a non-denominational ordained minister.  For over 30 years I have performed hundreds of weddings for people at all types of venues.  I live in the Orange County area of Southern California and I offer my services where ever your venue is located.

Contact Me

Please contact me and let's set up a time to meet. If nothing else, at least I will have the opportunity to congratulate you in person!